We did it! Thank you to everyone that conributed!

Rabbi E's Home from Sally Eichner on Vimeo.

It’s time to punch COVID in the face!

Organized by Charles Yeganeh

$215,722 raised of $200,000 goal


Donation Instructions:

CLICK HERE to be redirected to the SAJE PayPal to enter your Tax-Deductible donation. Please include "Campaign 2020" in the notes section.

For 18 years Chaya & I have been building community. Whether it was in New York City or now San Diego, our mission has always been clear. To engage, inspire, educate, and foster personal growth.

Our home has always been open. Our home has always functioned as our educational center. The students of UCSD need a student center that welcomes them with open-arms, provides them with a space to connect with like-minded students, and affords them the opportunity to explore their heritage. Our home is that place.

The gentlemen of AEPI (Alpha Epsilon Pi, a national Jewish Fraternity) have mobilized and launched this campaign. Chaya & I can’t begin to express how deeply moved we are by the love these young men are sharing, and how impressed We are with the initiative they are taking to fortify and pass on the Jewish community at UCSD for now, and future students.

We are asking you to get involved. We are asking you to be a part of this movement in order to create a permanent student center here at UCSD.

You personally have experienced our warmth. Whether you came to our home for a delicious shabbat meal that Chaya prepared, or social event where you met your future spouse. Whether you came to a class or we learned one on one and you were inspired to grow. Whether you came on a trip with us to London, Chile, Brazil, Montreal, or Israel and connected with yourself and your heritage in a deeper way then ever before...Won’t you make sure to pass it on for somebody else?!

Rabbi E & Chaya are here to stay! They are committed to UCSD and the La Jolla Community. All donations are now Tax-Deductible using the instructions above, and will be used for the purchase of a home/student center. If you’d like to make a contribution through check, kindly make it out to:

San Diego Jewish Experience
and mail it to:

8946 La Jolla Scenic Dr. North
La Jolla, CA 92037

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