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Join us and meet new people!

Wednesday Nights, Challah Baking

You are invited to the Ertel home every Wed night to create, and bake, your very own challah. Join 30-50 students at the Ertel home. Enjoy getting down and dirty in the kitchen learning how to bake challah, hang out in the living room playing on the Nintendo Wii, or just sitting on the couches getting to know each other. Catch up with friends you haven’t seen all week, and more importantly have the opportunity to meet those you haven’t met before; all the while enjoying a delicious home cooked buffet dinner!

Choose from chocolate chips, to Cinnamon, to sprinkles for your toppings. As well, build your dough out of organic whole wheat, spelt, and sprout!!!!

Each week a different style dinner will be served too!!! So come eat, chill, socialize, and express your creative side.

Every Wed night at the Ertel’s House
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